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Portland to Salem
Metro Area Repeaters

Sylvan Hill KOIN Tower
147.040 + 100.0 hz Operational
442.225 + 100.0 hz 

Cedar Mill

147.380 + 100.0 hz 
443.750 + 100.0hz

Chehalem Ridge
444.125 + 100.0 hz

South Saddle Mountain

147.320 + 100.0 hz Operational
442.325 + 100.0 hz  Operational

Mt. Hood
147.120 + 100.0 hz 
444.225 + 100.0 hz 
Both these machines are linked
fulltime to Bend 147.040

Regional Repeaters

Bend - Awbrey Butte
147.040 + 100.0 hz Operational
linked to 444.225  Mt. Hood

443.800 + 100.0 hz In testing

La Grande
147.260 + 100.0 hz In testing


147.020  + Open Operational


145.330 -  103.5 hz  Operational

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Banner Photo: Looking from South Saddle Radio Site Background Photo: Fall at the South Saddle Radio Site
Tower Photos, Jim Campbell, N7QME

Member News Alert System


As part of the year long upgrade project to Cedar Mill site and tower, the repeater technical team installed cross arms and tower standoffs on the Cedar Mill tower to better support our planned change for our UHF repeater/Remote Base addition we install several months ago at the site.

We should have the new GP-6 installed later this week. For months, the UHF side has been running on the old ARRG link antenna.

Hopefully, we'll be able to get the owner of the 444.800 to test their system while we are there, to measure the site noise with our scopes.

ARRG always tries to be a good site neighbor, so in this case, we attempted to see how low our MSF-5000 would go. The minimum was 22 watts, so we'll run it there for awhile so that the users of the 444.800 can do some coverage tests.

In the meantime, If any ARRG user here's interference or squelch tail squeals (usually called desense or mixing) while using the 147.380/443.750 system, please let me know. Another test to see if it's being caused by the new 444.800 system, is to monitor both frequencies for activity. If there is a QSO occurring on 444.800 and our system is receiving noise simultaneously, and that noise goes away when their repeater is unkeyed, then we have a in house/tower rfi mixing event that will need to be addressed.


3/23/2013 Cedar Mill 147.380 News

On 03/23/2013, Mark Douglas, AE7KK and Marc Peterson, W7PM installed the new MSR-2000 series 147.380 VHF repeater.

The repeater has a full 8 channel remote base on it, so we can link into any ARRG Repeaters and even the Beaverton CERT or ARES repeaters for drills and disaster training, public service events and races, or any other linking possibilities the team can dream up.  The unit has available to use for IRLP K7RPT Node and EchoLink K7RPT-R nodes.  Please give the repeater a try and see how your coverage is.


 02/22/2013  Mt. Hood & Bend Systems: 

As most of you already are aware, we have had the 147.120 / 444.225 Mt. Hood System linked fulltime to the Bend 147.040 Machine. For about a year, the link radio connecting the two repeater sites has been intermittent at best.


On Thursday, February 21st, 2013, Dee Lynch, K7JRB travelled through snowy passes to reach Aubrey Butte radio site.  He replaced the aging GE Mastr II mobile with a newer Motorola Maxtrac Synthesized radio. Dee set the audio levels and it appears the link is working as expected, almost full quieting into each repeater. Because we have 'non activity kerchunk' filters on the Hood and Bend system, there is a slight delay when you first key up. Please make sure you key up and wait 2 full seconds to make your calls to Bend. This allows all the audio processing, PL Decoding to fully bring up the Bend link.


On Friday, February 22nd, 2013, Jim Campbell, N7QME reset the entire system and re-programmed the Hood controllers to work cleaner and better.


Thanks to Dee and Jim taking time out of their busy schedules to both go to the remote site and do all the programming required to make everything work great.


02/12/2013  EchoLink Node Frequency Change

The ECHOLINK NODE is now on the new Chehalem Ridge Repeater

444.125 +  100.0 hz  We worked on the repeater last Saturday, but the audio is really bassy and we are not happy with it quite yet. On Saturday, February 16th, we'll be back up at the site trying to trace a better audio patch and brighten up the audio a bit. Please get on and test the machine, we'd love some signal and audio reports Saturday after we get done.

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