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November Repeater Updates

November 24, 2018

The 147.120 / 444.225 Mount Hood EchoLink Node main server is down for a couple weeks while Brian moves everything over to a new PC.

Cedar Mill 147.380 + 100 is now open for everyone to use. It’s no longer affiliated with the CERT team, so please feel free to use it at will.

Wickiup Mountain – Astoria 146.720 + 114.8hz Thanks to Martin & Chad from Hood to Coast, the site has a new Telewave 4 bay loop antenna, which has added a lot of coverage to the system. We can even hear and get into the system from Beaverton, some 55 miles away. The link from .720 into South Saddle is being kept off through the winter due to some interference issues.

La Grande 147.260 + 103.5hz is sporting a new Motorola Synthesized repeater, which b.c was installed by Julian, Marc and Tony on October 12th. Lynn, in Baker City reports that for the first time in years, he can use low power to reach the distant machine, which is located on Mt. Fanny.

Planned upgrades over the winter:

1- Move the 443.750 + 100hz to a tower out in Sandy. This repeater will be linked f/t to the Sylvan 442.225 and Chehalem 444.400 system.

2- Finish the new 146.720 replacement repeater with link radio for South Saddle.


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