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Pendleton Updates: New ‘temporary-low powered’ Pendleton 145.330 Repeater

April 7, 2018

New ‘temporary-low powered’ Pendleton 145.330 Repeater

On April 5th, 2018, Marc Peterson, W7PM travelled to the Pendleton Repeater Site (Deadmen Pass) and installed a low powered ICOM repeater. The repeater is the same frequency as before 145.330 TX and 144.730 RX, and has a PL tone of 103.5Hz.

The main repeater is still in Portland being diagnosed, however, it does not look to be repairable, or would serve us well, even it were fixed for the time being.

Please pass this on to your Pendleton Ham Friends, because I would like to get the locals back on 145.330 and seeing where the 5 Watts actually covers. Signal Reports should be emailed to Marc Peterson

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