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Portland to Salem
Metro Area Repeaters

Sylvan Hill KOIN Tower
147.040 + 100.0 hz 
442.225 + 100.0 hz

Cedar Mill

147.380 + 100.0 hz
443.750 + 100.0 hz 
(linked together fulltime)

Portland KATU Tower

224.940 + 100.0 hz

Chehalem Ridge
444.125 + 100.0 hz

South Saddle Mountain

147.320 + 100.0 hz
442.325 + 100.0 hz
(linked together fulltime)

Mt. Hood
147.120 + 100.0 hz
444.225 + 100.0 hz 
(linked together fulltime and into
Bend 147.040)

Regional Repeaters

Bend - Awbrey Butte
147.040 + 100.0 hz

(linked to Mt. Hood System)


443.800 + 100.0 hz

La Grande
147.260 + 100.0 hz


147.020  + Open


145.330 -  103.5 hz

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Repeater Use Request Page

All of the K7RPT Repeaters (including the new IRLP/ECHOLINK system) can be scheduled for Daily, Weekly or Monthly Social Nets, Emergency Groups, Disaster Training teams, Drill Training, Public Events, Races, Walks, Rides, Swims, etc.

All Groups, Associations, Teams and individuals are encouraged to apply to use the K7RPT Repeaters on a regular or one time use basis.

We only have a simple request to make of all applicants, please be at least a Supporting Member of ARRG.

Being a  member provides you with all of our Repeater Codes, Autopatch interconnect and VOIP access so that you can better support your event or net with those added features. For instance, Beaverton CERT using our K7RPT-R Echolink system to remotely log in and run the weekly Monday Night 8 PM Nets from distant locals using a laptop or smartphone just like a radio. You can sign up after filling out and submitting your Repeater Use From below.

Existing Teams with scheduled repeaters or Repeater use agreements are requested to resubmit this form annually by January 1st. 

To schedule your event or to use the K7RPT System for your net, please fill out and submit the Repeater Activity Request Form by clicking on the following link


Once submitted to our team, you will get a response back as soon as possible. Please allow up to 2 weeks to be contacted about your application for repeater use.

On-going Events

147.320 and 442.325 (100.0 hz) Daily @ 7:30 pm - 8:pm ARES District 1 net

Beaverton CERT Net 147.380 and 443.750 (100.0 hz) Every Monday Night at 8 PM

SKYWARN ARES Weather Net 147.320 and 442.325 (100.0 hz) Every Wednesday Night at 8 PM

CARES Net Every Sunday Night at 8 PM on the Mt. Hood 147.120 / 444.225 Repeater system



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