Estate Assistance/Equipment Donation

We’ll help you with your Amateur Radio and Electronics

Used Gear and Estate cleanup

We believe in helping families of Ham’s who need help dismantling old ham shacks, taking down antennas and towers.

Our team can usually do this without added cost to the estate. Please write us and let us know what your particular situation is. We’ll be happy to send one of our technical team out to meet and discuss your needs and make a plan.

Our cleanup removal cost is offset by any and all equipment donations to ARRG.

 100% of all equipment donated to ARRG, Inc. and is usually fully tax deductible.

ARRG is an official Oregon Charity and operates under the IRS 501c(3) charter.

Our team of experts will help you clean up a Shack and properly sell or donate your loved one’s Ham and electronic gear to our fully tax deductible Amateur Radio Public Service team.

Contact Marc Peterson, W7PM at  for more information.