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Welcome to ARRG and the K7RPT Repeater System

The Amateur Radio Relay Group, Inc. (ARRG) is an Oregon Non-Profit 501C (3) public service organization. ARRG owns and operates the eighteen or so VHF and UHF repeaters that make up the statewide K7RPT Repeater system.

ARRG supports the Amateur Radio Community and also specific Emergency Disaster groups like ARES, CERT and Search & Rescue groups; all of whom use ARRG’s commercial grade radio repeater system. All of ARRG’s repeaters are located on mountain top repeater sites, many of which are co-located on Broadcast Radio/TV towers and at multiple hardened Public Safety sites around the state.

ARRG supports many Public Service events in the community. We do this by setting up and operating portable repeaters and dispatch gear for events like the Hood to Coast and Portland to Coast Relay, Reach the Beach, Cycle for Life ride and Race for the Cure events.

ARRG was founded in 1977 and we are currently celebrating our 41th year of providing quality repeater service to the Amateur Radio Community. We provide our repeaters and technical expertise free to the community and to any Emergency Services group which needs communications. ARRG survives solely on your tax-deductible donations, so consider supporting ARRG.

If you are New to Amateur Radio or just new to ARRG and the K7RPT Repeater System, our technical team members are here to assist you by answering questions, chatting up your Ham related questions and generally going above and beyond by providing you in person help and support.

Latest K7RPT News

September 17, 2019 Update

Better and some worse news for the South Saddle site

Sometime next week, the new 442.325 South Saddle Commercial Antenna and an even newer 100-Watt Motorola Quantar replacement should be here. The bad news is that thanks to the electrical contractor who installed the new power line a couple months ago, we no longer have access to the ARRG owned and operated.

 We are still scratching our heads at the lack of common sense the planners and finally the actual installers must have had, because they actually put in the new main stepdown transformer housing and an outdoor breaker box (both of which used to be tucked out of the way by the edge of the property) smack dab in the roadway which provide room for our aerial lift and gear required to maintain the tower. This open area allows us a very safe and efficient way to service our tower, it's antenna and to make safe, easy changeouts and upgrades without needing to hire two tower climbers at the tune of $2k and up, just to change out our antennas/coax. Simple, safe items our ARRG team can do.


We have written a complaint to the property owner and CC'd the new lessee who is behind the bad decision to place it out in the the way of our access. We are begging them to please relocate the service just 8 more feet back away from the building while there is still time to do so. The new WCCCA radio site, tower and antennas are not even installed yet, so it is still possible for the contractor to go in and fix their mistake.


September 10th, 2019 Update:

Great News! Thanks to all you wonderful people and for your awesome ongoing support, we snagged two mint condidtion 100 Watt Motorola Quantar UHF repeaters this past week.

Marc, W7PM and his team are currently working on getting one programmed, aligned and tested, so we can replace the worn out 442.325 spare at South Saddle before worse weather keeps us off the hill for the winter.

Updated Info about the recent three-day Mt. Hood Outage

During the second week of July 2019, several days of severe thunderstorms, which also produce hundreds of damaging lightning, rolled over Timberline, with reports of direct strikes hitting the lift and power lines that supply our repeaters their power. On July 18, users reported the 147.120 and 444.225 repeaters were stuck on in transmit mode, with control operators unable to control them remotely. The tech team went to the site on July 21st and found that the master repeater controller was severely damaged and we replaced it with our only spare. The 147.120 panel antennas are also damaged and need to be replaced, as the entire vhf/uhf antenna system was a built by hand back in the mid 90’s, and it’s age is showing. The crackling noise is only on 147.120, users can use 444.225 without the noise for the time being. The 147.120 antennas are showing high SWR’s and we may have to shut off the machine until we can figure out a rescue plan.

In summary, both of these sites are very important to our community and they each support ARES D1 and Clackamas County ARES. it would be great if we could get a little extra financial help to make needed upgrades.

No matter if you are with ARES or just a casual user, please help support our efforts by providing your tax deductible donating to the Special Repeater Fund below.

South Saddle and Timberline Upgrade fund

You can donate any amount, you decide!

ARRG is an approved Oregon Charity and is a 501 (c)3 Public Service Team. All donations are usually tax deductible.

Click in the donate button to securely donate any amount to the ARRG Antenna fund.

ARRG Latest News

The ARRG Booth at SEAPAC this year was a major hit!
Thanks for all your support by coming by the ARRG booth.
We gained many new members and had many member renewals, which means another year of continued upgrade and expansion of your K7RPT Repeater System. Check out all the Pictures and Video of the event by checking out our Facebook scroll to the right or by visiting Facebook proper.

The ARRG SEAPAC Spring $1 Raffle Winners
The Yaesu FT-70DR Dualband FM/Digi walkie was awarded to

Brian McCallister, KJ7BLP from Salem, Oregon.

The Yaesu FTM-100DR Dualband FM/Digi mobile was awarded to

Jane Beals, W7LAW from Carlton, Oregon.

Evan Vander Stoep, KJ7BRE received the prestigious Public Service through Technology Young Ham Award at this years SEAPAC. He was also interviewed by the ARRL video team in from the East Coast.


K7RPT Community Assistance

Did you know that ARRG often refurbishes donated gear we receive so we can in turn repurpose the gear by getting it into the hands of new Ham's in our Community? 

We are always looking for your tax deductible donation of good used gear, repeaters and mobiles to use as linking radios. We also appreciate receiving your donation of test equipment, wattmeter's, coax, hardline, commercial and ham antennas, towers and rotors. You name it, we'll help you get rid of it by picking it up and providing you an itemized tax deductible receipt.

Long Distant Communications
Long distance walkie QSO from Mary's Peak to the Mt. Hood Timberline repeater on 147.120. Check out Roland, KG7FOP who was working Josh Richesin, K7JLR, via a 5 watt radio.
Mary's Peak is about 100 miles from the Timberline repeater.
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