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                              Coming to SEAPAC?   Make sure you visit the ARRG Booth and help support ARRG and the K7RPT Repeater System by purchasing a raffle ticket(s) for you chance to win a new Yaesu FTM-100DR Dualband Analog/Digital Mobile or a FT-70DR Dualband Analog/Digital Walkie. Tickets are only $1 each or get 6 tickets for $5. All proceeds go to support the K7RPT Repeater System.                                    Don't forget to help ARRG out by donating your unwanted HF or VHF/UHF Gear. ARRG can use the gear to either pass on to new members or to sell at our annual swap tables.                                        Don't forget the ARRG can help clean up your Ham Estate, please ask us for details!       
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Welcome to ARRG and the K7RPT Repeater System

The Amateur Radio Relay Group, Inc. (ARRG) is an Oregon Non-Profit 501C (3)public service organization. ARRG owns and operates eighteen or so VHF and UHF repeaters, all of which make up the K7RPT Repeater system.

ARRG was founded in 1977 and we are currently celebrating our 41th year of providing quality repeater service to the Amateur Radio Community.

ARRG believes in Public Service through Technology and we operate three Worldwide Internet connected EchoLink VOIP nodesand one IRLP VOIP node. We also operate an APRS Digi at Government Camp - Mt. Hood and at our South Saddle Mountain radio site.

ARRG supports many Public Service events in the community. We do this by setting up and operating portable repeaters and dispatch gear for events like the Hood to Coast and Portland to Coast Relay, Reach the Beach, Cycle for Life ride and Race for the Cure events.

If you are New to Amateur Radio or just new to ARRG and the K7RPT Repeater System, our technical team members are here to assist you by answering questions, chatting up your Ham related ideas and even providing you in person help and support - just ask!

K7RPT Community Assistance

Did you know that ARRG often refurbishes donated gear we receive so we can in turn repurpose the gear by getting it into the hands of new Ham's in our Community? 

We are always looking for your tax deductible donation of good used gear, repeaters and mobiles to use as linking radios. We also appreciate receiving your donation of test equipment, wattmeters, coax, hardline, commercial and ham antennas, towers and rotors. You name it, we'll help you get rid of it by picking it up and providing you an itemized tax deductible receipt.

Long Distant Communications
Long distance walkie QSO from Mary's Peak to the Mt. Hood Timberline repeater on 147.120. Check out Roland, KG7FOP who was working Josh Richesin, K7JLR, via a 5 watt radio.
Mary's Peak is about 100 miles from the Timberline repeater.
Web Hosting for ARRG is provided as a Public Service by our friends over at Canvas Dreams, Portland, Oregon USA
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