Amateur Radio Relay Group, Inc.
An Oregon Non-Profit Public Service Team since 1977
Operating the K7RPT Repeater System

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Portland to Salem
Metro Area Repeaters

Sylvan Hill
147.040 + 100.0 hz 
442.225 + 100.0 hz
(linked to 444.125)

Cedar Mill
147.380 + 100.0 hz
443.750 + 100.0 hz 
(linked together fulltime)

444.400 + 100.0 hz
(linked South Saddle)

Chehalem Ridge
444.125 + 100.0 hz
(linked to Sylvan 442.225)

South Saddle Mountain
147.320 + 100.0 hz
442.325 + 100.0 hz
(linked to Skyline 444.400)

Mt. Hood
147.120 + 100.0 hz
444.225 + 100.0 hz 
(linked together fulltime and into
Bend 147.040 - down for FM Radio Stn RFI)

Regional Repeaters

Bend - Awbrey Butte
147.040 + 100.0 hz


443.800 + 100.0 hz

La Grande

147.260 + 103.5.0 hz


147.020  + Open


145.330 -  103.5 hz


The Amateur Radio Relay Group, otherwise known as ARRG, owns and operates the K7RPT
Amateur Radio Repeater System.

Our original repeaters were installed and operational around the summer of 1972 and to this day, many of the original founding members still serve on the ARRG Board and are active with the ARRG Technical Team.

The group was officially incorporated as an Oregon Not For Profit team in the State of Oregon October 1977.
ARRG is an official 501(C) 3 Non Profit Corporation and all donations are 100% tax deductible.

Currently, the group is one of Oregon's original Amateur Radio Groups and while not the largest, we operate 16 wide area repeater systems, covering both Oregon and SW Washington State.

ARRG is proudly affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and has been recognized as an affiliated club since February 1983.

 Beginning with our very first emergency radio repeater located on South Saddle Mountain (35 miles west of DT Portland) the group provides repeaters for day to day use and emergency communications on 2 meter, 1.25 meter and 70 centimeter Amateur Radio bands. Futuristic internet VOIP linking systems are also part of ARRG's repeater systems, including IRLP and EchoLink gateways that connect local users to other Amateur operators all over the world.

To the people who run ARRG and the K7RPT system, Amateur Radio is more than just a hobby, it's a way of life.
Our team is seriously dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of amateur radio by providing reliable repeaters for community service activities, emergency communications and for day to day ham radio activities.

ARRG's wide area repeater systems host many ARES, CERT, EOC, SKYWARN, Search & Rescue and Public Safety teams.

By supporting ARRG, you will help to support the entire K7RPT Repeater System. You will also have access to quality members and technical resources to help you thrive in this great hobby.

Latest Ham News
Timberline Repeater News

On September 5th, 2014, the ARRG Technical Team traveled to our Timberline Repeater site on Mt. Hood to upgrade the repeaters.

The team, which was comprised of Jim Campbell, N7QME, Jeff Scheetz, KF7HG, Marc Douglas, AE7KK, Dale Justice, K7WW and Marc Peterson, W7PM removed our aging 30+ year old Motorola Micor repeaters.

The 147.120 repeater was replaced with a newer Motorola MSR-2000 and the 444.225 repeater was replaced with a MSF-5000 synthesized system. The entire aging battery bank was pulled and 8 newly donated AGM batteries were installed.
ARRG Monthly Breakfast

Please join us for the monthly ARRG breakfast's
October 4th, 2014 at 9:30 AM
November 1st, 2014 at 9:30 AM
December 6th, 2014 at 9:30 AM

The Breakfasts are held on the first Saturday
of the month at 9:30 AM.
They are held at Antoni's Grill (in the private lounge area) located at 10765 SW Canyon Rd (three blocks east of HWY 217). Talk in if you need directions is on
442.225 + 100.0 hz

We're testing Digital!
Learn more about this digital technology by clicking on our Fusion page HERE

October Update on the Digital Repeater

The C4FM System Fusion Repeater is temporarily down while Marc Douglas, AE7KK works on interfacing our repeater controller to the Yaesu DR-1 repeater.

Sylvan Repeater News

The 442.225 antenna, which is located on the KOIN TV transmitter tower has become intermittent and at rare times unusable. Most likely we have a jumper or connector problem up near the existing antenna. Unfortunately, it's one of the few towers that does not allow hams to climb the tower to make any sort of repairs. The hosts require us to hire a commercial radio tower company to go up and diagnose and fix the issue, so we'll need to figure out a way to address this issue, initial costs on just getting a  company out there and set up is around $500 and then $125 per hour.  Both the 147.040 and 442.225 antennas have been up for many years now and both are exhibiting intermittent high SWR's and other levels of 'scratchiness' over the summer, it might not be a bad idea to get both jumpers of both antennas replaced. There is a very good chance one or the other might fail, so on September 25, 2014, the Tech Team installed a dualband back-up antenna down at the building level that can be used as a lower gain backup in case either 147.040 or 442.225 antennas completely fail this winter.


 SEAPAC 2015
 SWAPTOBERFEST  is Saturday, Oct. 25th, 2014
at the Polk County Fairgrounds (10 miles west of Salem)

Latest Up to the Minute Repeater News, Updates and Events, are always announced on our FaceBook page first


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