Amateur Radio Relay Group, Inc.
An Oregon Non-Profit Public Service Team since 1977
Operating the K7RPT Repeater System

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Portland to Salem
Metro Area Repeaters

Sylvan Hill
147.040 + 100.0 hz 
442.225 + 100.0 hz
(linked to 444.125)

Cedar Mill
147.380 + 100.0 hz
443.750 + 100.0 hz 
(linked together fulltime)

Chehalem Ridge
444.125 + 100.0 hz
(linked to Sylvan 442.225)

444.400 + 100.0 hz
(linked South Saddle)

South Saddle Mountain
147.320 + 100.0 hz
442.325 + 100.0 hz
(linked to Skyline 444.400)

Mt. Hood
147.120 + 100.0 hz
444.225 + 100.0 hz 

Regional Repeaters

Central Oregon

Bend Awbrey Butte
147.040 + 103.5 hz

La Grande
147.260 + 103.5.0 hz

147.020  + Open


145.330 -  103.5 hz
Join the entire ARRG Team for this years
SEAPAC Convention on June 5th, 6th and 7th

ARRG Repeater Talk In
ARRG BOOTH portable Fusion Repeater
 442.225 + 100.0 hz

Support the K7RPT Repeater System by purchasing one or more $1 raffle tickets. This is your chance to win a Yaesu FT-8800 Dualband Mobile and a Baofeng UVB6 dualband walkie talkie package.

ARRG will also have a flea market table upstairs selling some never before seen Ham Estate gear from the 2014/2015 estate clean up.

Join us for the ARRG presenation of the new Yaesu
System Fusion Seminar being held Sunday, June 7th at 11AM
in the upstairs Riverview B room.


Welcome to the ARRG and the K7RPT Repeater System

Thank you for taking the time to read more about the team. Many folks wonder what ARRG stands for, that's easy, it stands for the Amateur Radio Relay Group.

The entire K7RPT Repeater system is owned and operated by the Amateur Radio Relay Group, Inc. which is entirely comprised of hundreds of licensed Amateur Radio operators and our supportive families.

ARRG leadership is made up of 4 Officers and 12 Board Members. Along with the leadership positions, the ARRG technical group has a team leader and many repeater technicians all working to keep the K7RPT repeater system fully functional 24/7, 365 days per year.

The team was started back around 1972 and later was officially incorporated as the ARRG by the State of Oregon in October 1977.
ARRG is one of Oregon's original Amateur Radio groups and one of the larger teams that provide over 15 wide area repeater systems all around the State of Oregon.

ARRG has been a American Radio Relay League (ARRL) affiliated group since February 1983.

All ARRG breakfast meetings are held once per month and are open to all current ARRG members, their family and friends.


System Fusion Digital Analog System

ARRG is now running the lasted System Fusion Platform.

The new System Fusion DR1X repeater was installed at our Sylvan Hill site and is fully functional on 442.225 + 100.0 hz.


Click here for latest help on

ARRG's System Fusion Repeater System


Did you know that ARRG helps with Ham Radio Estate clean-up, support and even tower removal?

100% of all equipment donated to ARRG, Inc. is fully tax deductible. ARRG is an official Oregon Charity and operates under the IRS 501c(3) charter.

Our team of experts will help you clean up a Ham's Shack and properly sell or donate your loved ones

Ham's gear to one or more fully  tax deductible Amateur Radio Public Service teams.

We are an ARRL Affliated Club
Latest up to the minute repeater news and events are announced on our FACEBOOK page first

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