Spring 2019 Repeater Upgrades

The 444.400 repeater (which is normally running up at our Chehalem site and is linked fulltime to the Sylvan 442.225) has been brought down for major updates. The repeater is receiving a new Arcom Controller and new beefed up link radio. The repeater is running from W7PM’s QTH while being worked on.

The old Cedar Mill 443.750 repeater is also down and being interfaced to a new Arcom controller and Maxtrac link radio. The plan is to move the 443.750 to the K7PN tower out in Sandy Oregon. This repeater will become part of the Sylvan 442.225 system and linked up fulltime. We are looking at a summer 2019 install timeframe.

Thanks to the ARRG supporters who made it possible through their dues and other donations; ARRG was able to buy two Arcom controllers to help upgrade these two repeaters.


Marc W7PM