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Chehalem Ridge Temporary Changes

November 28, 2018

Today 444.400 was taken off the air for repair because of an audio quality problem.   

In place of the old 444.400 machine, we temporarily installed the existing Yaesu System Fusion Repeater (the old beta unit) which is already aligned, with duplexers tuned for our 442.350 + 100.0 Hz repeater pair.

The repeater is set for low power at 20 watts (9 watts out the cans) and set for AMS (auto mode select) so whatever mode you come in one, is transmitted out. The repeater is using the existing Sinclair 22′ stick on the Chehalem tower, so it should get out pretty well.

The 442.350 is a stand alone machine and will not be linked to the 442.225 at Sylvan.


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