On June 15th, 2017, ARRG’s 19th repeater went on the air at South Saddle Mountain!

June 15, 2017

Thanks to Darin Miller, W7DMX, Mark Pierce, KC7NYR and Marc Peterson, W7PM, who installed the new 442.350 + 100Hz repeater at South Saddle. The repeater is a System Fusion Digital repeater, that allows both analog FM and the new Digital modes to work on the same repeater (one mode at a time of course).

The current antenna the repeater is running on was our groups old 462/467 GMRS antenna and is way out of tune for the Ham Band, and unfortunately it cannot be retuned because it is sealed. This is resulting in a very high 1:7:1 swr and the repeaters twenty watts is folding back to a mere 7 watts once it’s goes out of the duplexer. To make this 100% usable, we need to find a better BpBr UHF Duplexer, install better hardline up the tower and finally, junk the existing antenna and find a good used UHF Omni or a 4 bay dipole that is closer to the 440-450 MHz band. If you know of a good antenna, please let us know! Because the site deals with 150 MPH wind gusts, a Comet just won’t cut it!

The new repeater is set to operate in Auto Mode Select (AMS) mode for the next few months. This means that the repeater is usable by both Analog FM or C4FM Digi DN or VW users. After the system is upgraded with new cans, antenna, then we’ll be turning off the Analog side and switching it to it’s permanent VW (Digital only) mode, sorry analog FM users.

Cinder Butte News – We have to say farewell to Cinder Butte, which has been a great site over the last 2 years, but over the July 4th holiday, Marc, Tony and Josh will be moving the 147.040 + 114.8Hz repeater from it’s current location on Cinder Butte up to it’s permanent home on Grizzly Mountain, which will be about 1300′ higher in elevation.

Warning to the Portland 147.040 users, you will occasionally hear the new repeater on the same channel all the way from Grizzly, so it’s important to program your radios with both encode/decode CTCSS tones if you don’t wish to hear the steamy signal from 125 miles away.

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