Amateur Radio Relay Group

Serving the Amateur Radio Community since 1977

The Amateur Radio Relay Group, Inc. (ARRG) is an Oregon Non-Profit 501C (3) public service organization.  ARRG owns and operates the eighteen plus VHF and UHF repeaters that make up the statewide K7RPT Repeater system.  ARRG is primarily supported by member donations from generous users of the K7RPT Repeater System like you!

ARRG provides professionally built communication repeaters, radios and support at no cost to the amateur radio community, members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and Community Emergency Response Teams, Mountain Wave Search & Rescue, Washington/Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office Search & Rescue.  Oregon Emergency Management and hundreds of Emergency Radio First Responders during time of need.  Our system ARRG’s repeaters are located on mountain top repeater sites, many of which are co-located on Broadcast Radio/TV towers and hardened Public Safety Communications sites around the state.

Latest ARRG News

Wilsonville Repeater (July 2021)

Today the Amateur Radio Relay Group / K7RPT finished the installation of our new repeater on 444.4000 Mhz (100) in Wilsonville, OR.  Our thanks to the ground crew at WCCCA, the antenna crew, Marc W7PM, Ron KJ7IY, Warren W7JDT, Barb WB1ARB for their time and work to get this repeater operational.  The repeater is linked full time to 147.320 Mhz on South Saddle.  If you have any questions, please contact ARRG.

South Saddle DMR Repeater (June 2021)

Tuesday morning Joel Harrington [N7LF], Paul Nyland [K7PN], Kevin Davis [KE7K] and Josh Richesin [K7JLR] headed up to South Saddle Mountain to install the new DMR repeater on 440.8125.  Thanks also to Jim Campbell, N7QME for staying in Beaverton as they needed him for testing.  After two days of hard work, it is up and running.   Internet for the repeater is on a temporary LTE cellular unit.  In the next couple of weeks, the team will get up to the site and get the a permanent internet microwave connection working.

An Overview of the K7RPT Repeater System

Quality Voice

All of our repeaters use quality equipment and are properly tuned using professional service equipment by the ARRG Technical Team.  All of our repeaters are tuned exactly as the equipment manufacture outlines to obtain the best voice quality possible.

Wide Coverage

With our high elevation tower sites, commercial grade antennas and repeater linking capabilities, your able to make it miles from your operating location using the K7RPT Repeater System with just a handheld radio.

Digital Support

Our repeater system stays up to date with the latest technologies such as Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and Yaesu System Fusion (YSF) C4FM.  We also have digital to analog linking systems such as Internet Radio Linking Protocol (IRLP) Nodes and Echolink capabilities.

Quality Equipment

All of our repeaters use quality equipment are properly maintained by the ARRG Technical Team which specializes in keeping the system in top condition.  Some repeater sites have tricky limitations that the ARRG Technical Team uses specialized equipment to overcome and give you the best operating experience.

Important Information About the K7RPT Repeater System

The Amateur Radio Relay does not intended to position itself in a policing mode, but does establish guidelines for all of our users.  The priority uses of our repeater system is listed below with 1 being highest priority.

1. Emergency involving danger to life.
2. Emergency involving danger to property.
3. Routine traffic.
a. Regular scheduled nets.
b. Prearranged communications. (public service)
c. Prearranged communications. (emergency tests)
d. Autopatch traffic.
4. Other uses, such as normal conversations, unscheduled drills and tests.

In the case of a real emergency (#1 & #2 above), there exists the possibility that multiple agencies would desire to use one or more of our repeaters.  In the event that sharing needs to occur, it would be expected that all groups understand that it is not important who is actual net control, but that as many needs as can be met are done so in the spirit of cooperation.

If you are going to use the system, we ask that all users of the K7RPT system conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while on the air. Please promote professionalism and help to create an air of kindness to others; without regard to age, disability, marital status, protected status, race or color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by law. Lastly, when using the K7RPT System, please don't harp on, rag on or make anyone else in the group or the ham radio community feel less than, uneasy or unwelcome!

K7RPT repeaters are OPEN to everyone, member or not and even though they now require a CTCSS tone to access them. All K7RPT repeaters require the use of CTCSS (tones) to access the repeaters.   The K7RPT Repeaters are available to be scheduled for Emergency Nets, Events, Parades and races.   The intent of requesting and scheduling of ARRG’s repeaters resources is to minimize conflicts of uses and users while providing access to this coverage.  The organizations who have ARRG’s repeater’s as part of their emergency plans may wish to decide among themselves what methods of sharing can best be used in case of an emergency.